Where we used to live

Sometime nearly two years ago, I started this same blog over at http://www.bovisrex.com, and it died after about a month or so. Things happen. I didn’t write on it as frequently as I should have, the book I was podcasting went into rewrite hell, and I was being investigated because of my very liberal definition of the term “Extreme Couponing.” Fortunately, the kind folks at Way Too Fantasy liked my writing and asked me to send them a story, so I sent them HardyOne thing led to another and I found myself editing for them… which was fine until they asked me to blog for them as well. After a lot of introspection (mostly involving running through my patented, Edgar Wallace-style Plotwheel of Excuses) I told them ‘yes,’ and that got me back to the habit of blogging.

I thought about resurrecting bovisrex.com, but I decided that since my personal name’s domain was open again, I would go for something that at least looked like the words on the cover of my stories. (Not the words inside my stories… I can’t imagine my Mom telling people “My Son blogs at holycrapbuckets.com.” Well, actually, I can, but that’s another story, and will be told another time.) So, I’m here, and won’t be updating bovisrex.com any longer.

But… since I did like a few of the things that I put up over there, this page will serve as a sort of ‘greatest hits’ for that old site. Great is, of course, a relative term… very relative.

 The Way of the Neurotic Writer

Horror of the Unknown

 The Slow Anticipation

 The Creeping Affliction

Somewhat Dark Children’s Book

Creating Conflict

No Helmet Required

Yet Another Joyce Carol Oates Novel

Over the Top and Under the Skin (Book Review)

Black Water and Other Depressions

Montage and Palimpsest






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