The Way of the Neurotic Writer

Originally published 15 May 2013

So the fifth draft of The Witness is finally finished, and except for a polish job based on what my first readers tell me (provided I don’t plug my ears and shout NYAA NYAA NYAA I DON’T HEAR YOU like every writer wants to do when confronted with a reasonable, well-thought change) this is what I’m going to send out to the world. In the meantime, I’m working on a few stories. I also finally decided to listen to Billson, the main character of my Steampunk Fantasy novellas and dug out the latest piece that I wrote about his adventures in the Secret Eye. I have a new novel churning in the back of my head (never a pleasant feeling at the best of times) but every time I try to dip into it or even just invite the characters over for tea and a good long talk about their story, Billson runs to the front of my head and starts screaming at me.

So , while I get this novel ready for publication, I’ll be posting my agonizing rewrites of the Billson Saga (tentatively titled Billson Can Eat a Bag of Dicks). I love the character, but he can be annoying at times… he’s not just acting like that in the stories.


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